xAPI's Data Interoperability Research

This board is intended to generate and prioritize thoughts and ideas about what it means for xAPI to be interoperable. What else, beyond what's in the xAPI specification, would support interoperability?

A common way for activity providers to structure statements for common elearning tasks (multi-choice, text entry, complete, etc.)

I know ... it's supposed to be part of the spec, but it seems like every tool we use does it differently and requires conversation with every LRS on how to extract the data. So we make our own extractors ... which is not scalable. 

  • Megan Torrance
  • Oct 13 2016
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  • Andrew Downes commented
    October 24, 2016 19:13

    I'd love to hear more details on the problems you're hitting here Megan. Could you walk through an example?

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